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When is a monitoring survey necessary?

With so many types of surveys and techniques available, it is difficult to know when certain surveys are necessary. Monitoring surveys are necessary for any situation when potential movement over time needs to be measured. They are effective for all built structures and some natural that may experience shifting.

Commissioning a monitoring survey

What does a monitoring survey involve?

A monitoring survey involves capturing any changes in vertical and horizontal position, regardless of how big or small. These changes can be made in real-time or as part of a long-term monitoring project. In a real-time monitoring survey, multiple measurements are taken over the course of a day. In longer term monitoring surveys, measurements may only be taken once a year.

Real-time monitoring surveys are used in situations like excavations where current projects may be causing disrupting structures should they continue.

Long term monitoring surveys are done less frequently but are used to ensure that if any changes are happening that action can be taken due to any shifting.

The data gained from these surveys can be used for better planning and design, as well as providing baseline numbers that future surveys can be measured against.

What does a monitoring survey achieve?

Monitoring surveys are used in long term decision making as well as making sure that you are not liable for any shifting or disruption. It may be a requirement of insurance to ensure that any works projects aren’t disrupting any nearby structures. Long term, it can help to identify any concerns whether they be immediate or latent so that action can be taken. This can be particularly helpful when measuring erosion.

After a monitoring survey

Once a monitoring survey is complete, the surveyor will provide data as well as recommendations on potential actions that might be necessary as a result. This can then be used in planning and maintenance as well as official reports.

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