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Topographic Surveys

A topographic survey or land survey is a vital component in the design process for a site, and should be commissioned before any detailed design works takes place.

We have vast experience in carrying out topographic surveys, and it is the core of our business. Our surveyors use Trimble S6 and S3 Robotic Total Stations, and Trimble R6 & R8 GPS receivers to carry out our surveys. These instruments are also capable of reflectorless measurement, which means we can survey previously inaccessible points. This is particularly useful for surveying heights and positions of buildings, which overlook development sites, and to produce streetscapes of adjacent building elevations.

We have also utilised aerial UAV drone technology to produce ground terrain and topographic surveys of large sites, and are presently evaluating this method for accuracy and cost effectiveness.

What is a topographic survey?

A topographic survey maps the boundaries, manmade and natural features, and levels of a site, and is the first step in the process for the sites development. Other constraining factors such as highways and buildings adjacent to the site are also surveyed to aid the design process.

What is a topographic survey used for?

A professionally produced topographic survey can be used as a legal document to define boundaries of a property. Other professionals such as architects, civil engineers and planners use topographic surveys to make decisions on design and project management.

What are the benefits of a topographic survey?

The main benefit of a topographic survey is helping with planning and decision-making. An accurate survey will prevent costly assumptions being made about the size of the site, or about other constraints such as site levels and heights and positions of surrounding buildings.

What can you expect from our surveys?

Detail is accurately measured and the deliverables issued to meet our clients specific requirements or to RICS standards. These can range from simple 2D plans to detailed 3D AutoCAD drawings. To ensure the highest quality control, our surveyors edit their own surveys to ensure that all possible detail is recorded and presented correctly.

What Our Clients Say

“We have appointed Landform for several projects over the last year to prepare topographical surveys for a range of sizes of sites. We have been pleased with the quality of work carried out and have no reservation in recommending Landform, especially Eric Hinds, for similar work.”

Elisa Berry
Howarth Litchfield Partnership

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