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Quarry Surveys

Quarries and minerals are a valuable resource that must be evaluated and managed properly. Our quarry surveys help you to protect this asset by providing accurate data to aid in decision-making.

With over 20 years experience, we have long-term contracts with major quarry and landfill operators to provide volumetric surveys and update surveys on quarries and landfill sites.

We provide surveys of product stockpiles, face updates using reflectorless instruments, and independent volume verification for earthworks, stockpiles, and mineral royalties.

To improve time and cost effectiveness, we have utilised aerial UAV drone technology to produce ground terrain and topographic surveys of large sites. This method also can produce a rectified photogrammetric image of the site, which can be overlain over the ground terrain model to produce a visually stunning model of the site.


Quarry Surveys

What are quarry and mineral surveys?

A quarry survey is the mapping of a site that is specifically used for excavation or storage of mineral resources that have been mined.

What are quarry and mineral surveys used for?

Our surveys can be used for either mapping of an entire quarry, profiling the rock faces or doing blast analysis of the site before and after work has been done. The survey can be used for calculation of mineral extraction quantities for royalties, to provide independent verification of earthworks volumes, and to ensure planning restrictions are being met.

What are the benefits of a quarry or mineral survey?

Commissioning a quarry survey will help accurate data, which can be used for valuation as well as aid in planning for the future of the quarry.

What can you expect from our surveys?

We can provide a 3D contoured terrain model of the quarry, production of volume calculations, and, when the survey has been carried out by UAV, a photo mosaic of the quarry upon which contours and features can be superimposed.

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