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Setting Out

Landform Surveys can provide experienced setting out engineers to accurately mark out positions on the ground extracted from drawings and plans.


Accurate points will allow for accurate construction and excavation, which prevents costly errors from being made.

Using Trimble S6 total stations, points can be set out to within a few millimetres.

What is setting out?

It is the process of taking points from a design and marking them out on the physical space to aid in construction projects.

What is setting out used for?

It is a process used to ensure that the designs for a project are accurately transferred into the real world. This can be used on excavations as well as small and large-scale construction projects.

What are the benefits of setting out?

One of the benefits is creating an accurate base for construction projects which saves time and money as mistakes are minimised and less likely to need to re-do work.

What can you expect from our setting out service?

We work closely with our clients and project managers to ensure that the points that need to be set out are included in the service. This can range from setting out key points only to a full point service. We can also provide an on-going service to monitor the points throughout the project to make sure that they stay accurate.

 Our recent projects

  • Housing developments
  • Factories and supermarkets
  • Site investigation locations
  • Batter rails and reduced levels for earthwork projects

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