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Measured Building Surveys

Measured building surveys can be conducted on all built structures, regardless of age. We have surveyed buildings of all ages and conditions, from historical manor homes to industrial units.

What is a measured building survey?

A measured building survey involves the mapping internally and externally of buildings or structures. It can include a variety of outputs ranging from a basic floor plan to a detailed 3D building model.

Floor plans are produced using a combination of laser scanning, handheld tablet with MBS software and instrument, laser distance measurer and tape measurement to produce data. The tablet allows us to produce data in real-time to ensure survey accuracy.

We use laser-scanning technology, which allows us to completely scan both the building both internally and externally, to produce a complete point cloud model of the building, for use in REVIT & BIM applications.

What is it used for?

A measured building survey can be used for future reconfiguration or change of use of the building, and can provide a base for other information such as mechanical and electrical data.

What are the benefits of a measured building survey?

A measured building survey is an important step in the design and planning process, especially in the restoration process or when a building will be changing purposes, such as an industrial building being converted to flats. A survey will save money and time by offering accurate data about the condition and features of the building.

What you can expect from our surveys?

We work with clients on an individual basis as each client and building is unique. Each survey can be tailored to the clients’ requirements, from a basic floor plan, to the recording of service locations, radiators, fixtures and fittings

Our recent measured building surveys

  • Floor plans of 30+ supermarkets for a major national retailer
  • Point cloud model of a former church, for part conversion into residential units.
  • Floor plans of large factories and industrial units at one of the major industrial estates in Gateshead
  • Floor plans of numerous private dwellings to obtain listed building consent
  • Floor plans for conversion of farm buildings to residential dwellings

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