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The Importance of Surveys for Restoration Projects

In this article we’ll outline the top reasons why surveys are an important step in the restoration process.

When it comes to restoration, surveys such as measured building surveys are crucial. Namely because they capture structural intricacies which provide the most accurate solution for preserving historical accuracies.


First and foremost, it’s important to perform surveys before restoration projects because they help to mitigate mistakes.

One of the main reasons why measured building surveys, or any form of survey are important is because they mitigate possible mistakes that can occur while building.

This is because surveys give builders access to the most accurate and precise information possible.

They’re also important in making sure builders don’t make costly errors, and ensure the most cost-effective restoration.

In-depth measurements and analyses aid in spotting potential structural problems or concealed flaws. This improves cost estimation and averts unanticipated costs during the restoration process.


Surveys are also crucial when it comes to meeting client deadlines

Measured building surveys allow builders to develop a clear understanding of the restoration project’s scope, as well as how complex it is.

From this, realistic and achievable deadlines that consider all of the project’s intricacies can be set. Ultimately, preventing delays that come about from unrealistic expectations and poor planning.


Surveying allows the best possible rebuilding to occur after disaster

A 3D laser scanning survey is particularly crucial when it comes to the renovation of big projects. This is because it can help to restore entire structures in the event of a disaster, as well as partial renovations.

An example of a large-scale renovation made possible through this type of survey is the Notre Dame. The fire of April 2019 saw mass damage to the spire and roof. However, a 3D laser scanning survey was conducted. This resulted in what is believed to be the most accurate rendering of the building ever made.

From this, builders now have an extremely detailed reference point for the anticipated full restoration and reopening in 2024.


Surveying keeps a historical record for future reference

Measured building surveys produce a historical record of the building’s state prior to repair.

In order to ensure a thorough understanding of the building’s evolution, the record can be used. This is helpful when it comes to research, educational purposes, and future restoration projects.


Trust Landform for renovation surveys

At Landform Survey, we offer precise measured building surveys that cater to clients’ individual requirements. We offer extremely accurate and simple-to-understand data presented in a way that connects best with your own systems and programs. Whether you’re searching for records of the building’s service locations or a complete floor plan.

To discuss your project’s needs, get in touch with one of our knowledgeable surveyors.