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Do You Need a Topographic Survey?

This article is all about topographic surveys, or ‘topo’ surveys which is a land-based survey that studies the ground's surface and features in a given space.

The data they produce is essential when it comes to project management and can be used for different purposes.

But, where do you begin? In this article we will cover the first steps involved, how long it takes, and the typical topographic survey cost.


When are topographic surveys required?

The data they produce is used when there are plans to change or update the land of a certain area. For example, designing new drainage systems or erecting new buildings.

Professionals, such as civil engineers or architects use the data to make informed project management decisions. On top of this, the surveys act as a legal document that defines the boundaries of properties.

They also help when it comes to planning permission. Getting an accurate survey of the land will help you understand exactly what needs to be done to fit in with planning permission rules, avoiding possible setbacks.


First steps

You will need to start a topographic survey if you wish to construct new features on any form of land, whether man-made or natural.

The survey will help to identify areas where construction will be difficult, so builders can be informed ahead of time. Or, if you wish to create a model/ plan of what the area will look like after improvements are made for architectural purposes, then you will also need a topo survey.

Once you know that your project requires it, then you should reach out to a professional land surveying company.

From here, information will be gathered on the geographical area, and the level of detail needed to complete the topographic survey.

Then, the schedule of the survey will be planned, and the cost will be discussed.


Topographic survey cost

The cost of surveys depends on how extensive the project is, and the surface area involved.

Prices typically range from roughly £350-£650 a day. However, when you send an inquiry you will receive an accurate, Fair, and cost-effective quote.


How long will the process take?

Again, the length of the process depends on the area covered and the complexity of the project. The survey time differs for each project.

However, after survey completion, it only takes a few days for the findings to be drawn up and sent back to you.


Ready to start a Topographic Survey?

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