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Choosing the Right Measured Building Surveyor for Your Project

A involves surveying of the inside and outside of structures or buildings. It can produce many things, from a simple floor plan to a full 3D model of a building’s interior and exterior features.

In this article we will outline what the measured building survey process is, and how you can ensure the best surveyor is chosen for your project.


When is a measured building survey required?

Before you begin a new project, a measured building survey is usually required. This is because it details the building’s layout, size and condition, all of which are crucial factors to consider when planning renovations or structural changes.

As well as this, they are also used for conservation purposes when maintaining historic buildings. It ensures that renovations and alterations follow preservation guidelines to keep the building’s history intact.

Lastly, building surveys help buyers and sellers assess a property’s condition and value. Doing so can reveal hidden issues, and help buyers make decisions about properties.


Techniques Used

The best and most accurate results come from laser scanning technology. Lasers allow the building to be scanned in full, both internally and externally.

This is then used to produce a complete point cloud model of the building, for use in REVIT and BIM applications.


How is survey data delivered?

Due to the technology used, data is delivered as a digital representation of the surveyed structure. Then, surveyors often provide digital reports summarising findings and key measurements. These reports are crucial for project planning and decision-making.


Choosing the right measured building surveyor for your project

Working with the right measured building surveyor is crucial to your project. When choosing, consider these factors:

Experience: Find a surveyor with similar project experience. This is particularly crucial when it comes to complex survey issues.

Technology and Tools: Ensure your chosen surveyor uses modern tools and methods. This guarantees current, accurate data.

Reputation: Assess the surveyor’s credibility with reviews, testimonials, and references.

Accreditation: Check the surveyor’s certifications and accreditations to ensure quality and professionalism.

During the process, effective communication is also essential. Surveyors should thoroughly explain their methods, results, and potential issues.


Choose Landform for your next measured building survey

Landform Surveys has consistently offered a high-quality surveying service since 1994, and continually invests in the most modern survey instrumentation, providing the most accurate and cost-effective surveys possible.

All of our surveyors are fully qualified, and we have surveyors who specialise in certain areas, such as measured building surveys.

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