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Utilities Surveys

The detection and mapping of utilities surveys can be one of the most beneficially proactive surveys done before a building project.

The failure to identify the locations of buried services before a development takes place can result in increased project costs and delays, as well as serious health and safety implications. Services drawing from utilities companies are not always sufficiently accurate to allow for proper planning.

What is a utility survey?

It is a series of non-intrusive measurements undertaken prior to site works commencing. They can locate the positions of buried services and help prevent costly delays and reduces risks. They can be used across all locations and projects from industrial and commercial new builds to rural areas and city centre regeneration sites.

What is it used for?

Utilities surveys are used to locate underground pipelines and wires to locate water, power, gas, telecommunications, fibre optics, drainage and sewage so that these services are not interrupted during any building or excavation works. These are largely commissioned prior to a project starting and cross-referenced with existing records to ensure that

What are the benefits of a utilities survey?

The biggest benefit is the cost and time savings on a project. Minor errors in the location of utilities can cause lengthy errors that can be difficulty to fix and make companies liable for any damage that is caused due to their project.

What can you expect from our surveys?

Landform Surveys uses radio detection and ground penetrating radar techniques to locate underground utilities. The services can be mapped accurately and results supplied in CAD format.

Our recent surveys

  • Utilities survey at Freeman Hospital Newcastle, to locate buried services in the route of a new water main around the hospital.
  • Utilities survey at Walker Riverside for Shepherd Offshore to facilitate planning of new development area.
  • Utilities surveys at two schools in Sunderland for Kier North Tyneside.


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