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Flood Risk Assessments

With climate change becoming an ever larger social and economic concern, flooding is projected to increase across the UK. We can provide survey information to allow a Flood Risk Assessment Consultant to prepare a report on the likelihood of a site flooding

While there is no way to prevent flooding entirely, there are measures that can be taken to minimise risk from flood. A flood risk assessment helps property developers and owners to make informed decisions towards minimising risk. A professional assessment is a requirement for planning and development applications. Current property owners can also benefit from having an up to date flood risk assessment.

Why do a flood risk assessment?

Requirement for new developments – Conducting a flood risk assessment is a requirement for planning applications for new developments as well as any change of use

Clarity of information – An assessment will give you the information you need to be proactive with taking measures to limit damage

Protect essential infrastructure – Knowing the risk of flood for your current infrastructure means you can take action to protect it during a flood

Having the information to put the proper flood defences into place before a flood will save time, money and limit disruption if a flood should occur.

What is checked in a flood risk assessment?

In a flood risk assessment, we determine:

  • River cross sections so the flood risk can be modelled in specialist software
  • Provision of data in ISIS format for flood modelling
  • Survey of low points on the site and on surrounding land

Landform Surveys has worked with consultants such as AECOM, Capita and WYG to provide information for flood risk modelling.

All work produced is to the Environment Agency National Standard Contract & Specification for Surveying Services.

Flood risk assessments we’ve done

  • Surveys carried out at River Pont in Northumberland to assist with design of major housing development on outskirts of Ponteland.
  • Major survey in and around Guisborough to establish connectivity from Guisborough woods to the town, and survey cross sections of watercourses through the town.
  • Similar scheme in and around Stokesley, concentrating on the River Leven & Eller Beck.
  • Survey of cross sections in the River Tyne to assist in the design of flood defences.


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