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BIM Surveys

With the growing adoption of BIM by the construction and property sectors, quality measured survey data is integral for many projects and there has seen a steady increase in demand for the delivery of measured surveys in a 3D Revit format. BIM surveys can be used to inform design decisions.

What is a BIM survey?

BIM stands for Building Information Modelling. It is a type of modelling that includes both the individual data points and the visual representation that is made when they are combined. One of the core components of BIM is the capture and maintenance of data points to be shared across multiple agencies for the lifespan of the building or structure. This helps ensure those who need it can access the details of the structure.

What is it used for?

A BIM survey, also called a Revit survey, is used when continuity of data needs to be stored for future use. All public sector projects now require stage 2 BIM. They are used to make projects more of a holistic and cooperative venture between agencies. BIM not only stores data about the structure itself but about relational measurements such as geographic, geometric and spatial relationships between other structures and facilities components.

What are the benefits of BIM surveys?

Due to the granularity of detail that is captured in BIM surveys, the improved data and its continuity increases efficiency in decision making throughout the lifecycle of a project, from design through to construction and maintenance.

What you can expect from our BIM surveys?

Using point cloud data captured by our laser scanners, we can provide:

  • 3D Revit models for buildings and structures, including plans, elevations and sections.
  • 3D topographical surveys showing ground terrain and surface detail, for input into Revit.
  • Point cloud data files in a variety of formats
  • Realworks Viewer files, allowing access to point cloud data via a free weblink.

Our recent surveys

  • Revit survey of Lidl store in Stockton.
  • Revit survey of former Methodist Church in Gateshead, to assist in conversion of building to residential use.

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