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Who works with surveyors

While it can seem like surveyors work in isolation as they are out in the field a lot, there is a large number of people who depend on their professional expertise in order to continue on with their own projects. Today we look at who a surveyor might work with in their day to day working life.


When it comes to building projects, whether a new build or an extension to a previously constructed building, architects rely on surveyors to provide the data that they need to make the right decisions about a project. In the case of a new build, this is to provide information about the land the building will be built on whereas in an extension project, there needs to be accurate data about the building they are working on.


Before an archaeological dig happens, surveyors are sometimes called in to do a topographic survey or a setting out service so that there is a record of what the land was like before the dig and as well that the dig doesn’t go beyond the area that it is specified to.

Local authorities

Surveyors work with local authorities in a number of capacities and can provide surveys for topography, flood risk assessment, measured building surveys, drone surveying and much more. It all depends on the purpose of the survey and as local authorities manage several projects at once, there are several different surveys types that they may require.

Civil engineers

As civil engineering deals primarily with the construction and design of the physical built environment, this is one profession that surveyors work closely with. Civil engineers need accurate data on the topography of a build site so that they can ensure a structure will have the right measurements based on the land where it will be located.

Utility companies

Before excavation work on a project begins, it is a good idea to get a utilities survey so that no utilities are disturbed in the process. This involves working with a utility company to get their records to see if the survey matches that data. Both above and below ground utilities can be surveyed.

Construction manager

Setting out is one of the activities that is done before construction of a structure takes place, so it makes sense that construction manager would rely on surveyors to make sure the points of a building is set out before construction begins. Working together helps ensure that a building will be built in the right place.

Property owners

There are a number of surveys that can and are done every day for property owners. This includes topographic and boundary surveys for land owners, and building surveys for people that own both domestic and commercial buildings. A survey helps property owners to know what their boundaries are as well as the state of their buildings to help plan future maintenance and building projects.

Quarry owners

As quarry owners pay royalties to land owners, a surveyor helps to determine how much resource has been extracted over a given period to make sure that they are making the right payments. Surveys can also be done to help ensure the continuing safety of a quarry as well as whether or not road access is suitable.

So now you know what links a quarry owner to an architect – surveyors! If you’re looking for a surveyor for your next project, get in touch (