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Quarry surveying is a highly important service that helps firms understand consistently evaluate ongoing mining and quarrying activities. With quarry surveying, companies can protect their assets, map rock profiles, and even calculate the quantity of extracted materials.

We often forget that there's an entire world beneath our feet, and even when we do, it can be somewhat disappointing to realise it's more extensive cable network than the lost city of Atlantis. However, without the subsurface infrastructure so intricately woven under our roads and pavements, we'd live very...

The mining and surveying industries are invariably linked. For years now, geospatial data has informed the process of mining, making it more efficient, safe, and accurate. Surveyors provide indispensable data to mining companies, playing an important and irreplaceable role.

The global rush to make everything smarter is, slowly but surely, creeping into our lives. Think about it - how many of us own an Alexa or Google Home? You've seen adverts for smart home systems, where simply opening the front door triggers the lights to come on, the kettle...

As the popularity of drone technology increases in both the personal and commercial spheres, the government has been prompted to introduce a number of rules and regulations for the safe flight of drones and unmanned aircraft. Drones, when handled improperly, can be unpredictable and pose a danger to the public,...

Though we like to stand and gripe about builders never doing anything but drinking tea, there's a lot that goes into completing a construction project. The most important part of any development actually occurs before the foundations are dug and filled.

The geomatics industry is growing year on year - with its global market share expected to reach US $439.2 billion by 2020 - but it's struggling to attract young, fresh talent.