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Surveying for Energy Projects

Surveying for energy projects

As the UK continues to move towards a greater percentage of renewable energy, we can expect to see more energy structures become more widely used, which means surveying for their implementation as well as their maintenance will become more important to surveyors across the UK. This includes small and large scale projects, surveying for the establishment of entire wind farms as well as surveying individual structures.

Depending on the project and the scale, it can be important to conduct surveys before, during and after a project is established. This is because the implementation of an energy project is dependent on the suitability of the site. Wind turbines and solar panels must be placed in the right location in order to optimise the input of wind and sunlight.

As with all large scale surveys, it is a big undertaking which can be time consuming and laborious. While traditional surveying methods can still be used, advancements in technology have made it easier to conduct surveys of large areas. This is done through drone surveying, which reduces the time in set up and take down of equipment as well as the time required to move equipment around the survey area.

Wind and solar farms also tend to be located in remote locations and hostile environments, which can present health and safety difficulties to surveying teams. Drones allow surveyors to gather all the data that they need without necessarily having to access the entire site. It also means that surveyors can capture an aerial view without the use of cherry pickers, which would generally not be suitable for these environments.

The planning and implementation of an energy farm is a complex and extensive process, that involves the need for accurate data. Surveying offers the opportunity to flag up any concerns in the data in advance of the actual build. In addition to a topographical survey, a utilities survey may need to be done in advance of construction to make sure that utilities aren’t disrupted and that the energy farm will be able to access the grid.

All of the reasons above show how important a survey is in advance of the implementation of an energy farm. If you’re looking for a surveyor that can help ensure your energy farm will operate properly, get in touch. Landform Surveys is looking forward to working with you.