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Trimble TX8

Trimble TX8, a new investment

Here at Landform Surveys, we appreciate good, reliable, surveying equipment. It’s key to creating surveys that are up to client requirements.

While it’s not always about having the latest gadget, it’s about finding the equipment that suits our needs the most. That’s why we’re so pleased about our latest investment; a Trimble TX8. The Trimble TX8 is a 3D laser scanner, which can be used for a wide range of surveys from topographical survey to heritage sites.m

We will be mostly using the TX8 for building elevations, building floor plans and deformation monitoring. A great advantage of updating our equipment is that it makes our surveys more efficient and helps make the work the surveyors do in the field more integrated with the work back in the office post-survey.

The Trimble TX8 has improved the speed and accuracy of our laser scanning surveys as well. As it measures 1 million points per second, the high-speed data capture has up to 1mm accuracy and reduces scan time to 2-3 minutes for each position. It’s also great for long-range measurements, with the capacity to measure up to 340m, which has real applications in quarry surveys, bridge surveys, and sites where lines of sight are an issue.

Another advantage of using the Trimble TX8 is that it is more robust in difficult environmental conditions, such as dust and direct light, which we often encounter in on our building surveys. One nice feature is the touch screen, which displays the scan after completion to show which data was captured.

Due to our investment in the Trimble TX8, we’ll be offering BIM and Revit service to compliment our measured building surveys, elevation surveys and monitoring surveys. Some surveys we’ve already done with the Trimble are Canons House in Mitcham, and an office block in Manors, Newcastle. The Canons House survey produced a point cloud of over 4.5 billion points!  We’re very pleased with our new scanner and are looking forward to using it to produce top quality surveys for our clients.

Thanks to the team at Korec for working with us on the purchase of our new Trimble!