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New Staff Apprentices

Landform Surveys would like to extend a big welcome to our two new apprentices, Harrison Moore and Harry Crawford to our team.

Both will be attending college in the new year, and will be receiving practical training in field and in the office as part of their apprenticeship.

Apprentices are a great opportunity for us as it allows us to contribute to the future of the surveying community, as well as provide an opportunity for people interested in the industry to get practical experience.

There is a skills shortage in surveying, so it is important to show interested individuals that surveying can be an interesting and challenging career, so that there is a next generation of surveyors to continue on the work.

A big thanks goes to the skills development to at the North East Chamber of Commerce – to Karen Vincent for providing shortlist and initial interviews, and Stephen Coates for setting up an interesting and varied training programme for the apprentices.