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What issues do quarry surveys address?

Some types of land such as quarries require measurements on a regular basis due to the continuous excavations and changes made to the quarry over time. Surveying helps to gather data about these changes to help manage quarries and stockpiles. Here are some of the main issues that our quarry and landfill surveys address:

Calculate stockpile volumes

The most common issue a volumetric survey addresses is calculating stockpile volumes. These are used to check production quantities and book values. As some quarries have to pay royalties to mineral owners, an accurate survey is needed to make sure that landowners are both being adequately compensated but also that companies are not paying for mineral that they have not extracted. Unlike most surveys, the data from such surveys is often used by an accountant or estates manager to make these calculations and balance the books.

Changes in quarry features

As the excavations of the quarries are moving large quantities of earth and materials, the topography of a quarry changes quickly. Our surveys can be used to monitor position and height of faces, and to ensure the workings are within planning limits. Bunds and tips are also measured to ensure compliance with planning and health and safety legislation.

 Independent volume surveys

Our surveys are often used to independently check contractors quantities, be it contract crushing or overburden strip. This is often done as a joint survey with the contractor to agree on figures.

Aid in planning

While quarries have long lifespans, eventually there comes a time when they are worked out. Quarries now have been restored to a variety of uses, such as wildlife habitats, country parks, or visitor attractions, such as the Eden Project. Surveys can help gather the necessary information to assist in the end use of a quarry.

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