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Ethical considerations while surveying

In our previous post, we talked about why surveying is an important technical discipline and with that importance comes ethical considerations. As it is an important discipline, there is also a code of ethics and laws that surveyors must adhere to.

As a chartered surveyor, you need to be certified in order to practice, much like a doctor or a solicitor. In addition to having education qualifications, there are also practical training and exams to become a chartered surveyor because you must prove you know what you are doing. Not just something anyone can do.

One of the most important consideration while surveying is that a surveyor must remain independent and impartial regardless of what the client wants the outcome of the survey to be. Sometimes the data that is found doesn’t match up to their expectations. They may be in the wrong about what they think their property boundaries are, have to pay more insurance after a flood risk assessment, or be liable for structural movement during excavations for example. As a surveyor if you are swayed or influenced, it could leave you accountable for fraud, health and safety infractions or other legal outcomes.

 Sometimes surveyors knowingly violate ethics, but it is also possible to violate them unknowingly. It is still the responsibility of the surveyor to make sure they keep up to date with changes of law that may affect their surveying and its outcomes.

 Another reason why ethics in surveying is important is that when you are surveying, you are not only representing yourself and your firm, but also the surveying profession as a whole and its governing body. When one surveyor behaves unethically, it damages the trust with their client. This in turn damages their client’s impression of the profession, and can cause a greater loss of trust depending on how wide reaching the violation is.

 Part of ethical considerations is encouraging other surveyors to act ethically and creating an environment where they can act ethically. It is all about working together to make sure that our clients don’t lose trust in the industry but also that surveyors themselves don’t lose trust in the profession.

 It is not always easy to do the right thing, but the future of surveying depends that we do.

 If you are looking for a surveying firm that provides the same high standard of service to everyone, get in touch.