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A post sale survey of Pendower Hall

A historical family hall in Newcastle’s Benwell area was sold at auction last July by Newcastle City Council and Landform Surveys were asked to complete a post sale survey.

Pendower Hall was built in 1867 by JW Pease for his family and was originally situated on 60 acres and had stables, a coach house (which has since been demolished), a guest lodge and a piece of Hadrian’s Wall running through the grounds.

Since the family moved out, the features of the hall and its grounds has changed and been used for many different purposes outside of a family dwelling. The once 60 acre property has since been sold on and built into one of Newcastle’s first council estates, Pendower Estates, created for soldiers returning from WWI, which is fitting given that the hall was used as an auxiliary hospital during the First World War by the Joint War Committee. After the war, it was used as a school from 1920 until the mid-1960s when it was used as a teaching centre until 2003.

As time went on the building fell into a state of disrepair, having been vacant since 2003. The interior rooms have been altered over the years for many different purposes, but the entrance hall and library remain largely intact in their original form. While many of the rooms have changed, several of the features that were in the hall when it opened, notably doors, fireplaces, wood panelling, fitted seats and cupboards have been retained. As it is a Grade II listed building, it is likely that these features will be preserved by whoever has purchased the building.

Post Sale Survey Pendower Hall

We were commissioned to produce accurate plans and elevations to assist in the development of the building. The main challenge of the survey was recording relevant historical features where some parts of the building were in a state of disrepair. The building having been modified in several stages has contributed to this challenge.

Eric Hinds, Managing Director had this to say of the survey:” It has been good to be involved in the first stages of bringing this historical building back to its former glory. Many of the original features are still present and we have recorded these on our plans to assist in the planning of the development.”

We look forward to seeing this striking historical hall restored to its former dignity.

To view an example of the survey click here.