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Urgent on-site survey to assess bridge damage

We have surveyed many bridges and structures on highways over the years and provided drawn as-built plans or point cloud data to our clients.

This month we attended the scene of a bridge strike caused by a vehicle passing under a bridge and its load striking the bridge beam.

Our surveyor was on site within 2 hours and surveyed the bridge using a Trimble TX8 laser scanner. The data was processed that evening and the point cloud available for the bridge engineer by 8 am the following day which you can see below:

The type of survey we carried out was a laser scanning survey which captures over 1 million points per second, producing high levels of detail. It also enables further interrogation of the data, without having to return to the site which, in this case, would’ve caused disruptions.

The damage was assessed and a partial opening of the road above was allowed to take place.

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