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Photo Montage Survey

It’s not every day that we get both the opportunity to work on a photo montage survey thats inside the grounds of a royal palace, so we jumped at the chance to work on this project.

We were commissioned by PB Imaging to do a photo point control survey as part of a development project they are working on in Kingston upon Thames. PB Imaging are a specialist creative visualisation company that combine both artistry and architecture to create still and moving imagery for marketing and planning purposes.

When the enquiry came in, the client needed a photo montage which would show the impact of development on the surrounding area. PB Imaging describes the process as “The images will be photorealistic and camera matched into a high resolution photograph. We ensure the visualisation will be a true representation of the completed building by adopting Accurate Visual Representation or (AVR) which uses GPS Survey data and 3D point cloud scans to camera match the view.”

Landform Surveys were specifically involved in the surveying of specific features that would be used to control the photographic images. We were supplied photos from various locations in town with specific points marked that need co-ordinates, such as corners of buildings, church steeples, towers etc. Some points were in Hampton Court Palace, which required consultation to ensure no disruption to the public while the survey was being conducted.

All the points we were provided with were surveyed successfully and the info was supplied to PB Imaging to enable them to prepare their photo montage.

Eric Hinds, the managing director of Landform Surveys has this to say about the survey, “It’s not often we have to carry out a survey in the grounds of a royal palace, so this was an interesting project for our survey team. Luckily, none of the points were located in Hampton Court maze, or our surveyor would probably still be there!”

This survey has helped to assist in an interesting planning and consultation process for a new development and we look forward to seeing the outcome.