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Landform completes a range of surveys for potential development of Alnwick Station

In January 2019, Landform Surveys conducted a range of detailed surveys to inform potential development work on Alnwick Station.

The station first opened in 1850 where it became the terminus station of the Alnwick branch line. The station was closed to the public and freight service in 1968 but the trainshed remains use by quirky bookstore, Barter Books. New owners have looked at restoring the station further, and this is when Landform Surveys were asked to help.

In January 2019, we spent 10 days on site conducting a range of surveys. A topographic survey was carried out to map the whole site, which would help the new owners evaluate their options for developing the site.

We also carried out a measured survey to produce floor plans and elevations of the former station, and gathered point cloud data to build up a comprehensive 3D model.
In addition to this, we used an aerial survey drone to acquire aerial data and produce a survey of the roof, this can be seen in the video below:

Talking about the project, Eric Hinds said, “ This was a really interesting project for us on such a historic site. It required a range of different survey techniques to complete, from a traditional topographic survey, to laser scanning and the use of a drone. All done to a tight timescale to the satisfaction of the client.”

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