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Domestic Measured Building Survey

While the majority of the building surveys that we do are for commercial properties, we also conduct domestic measured building surveys for homes of all sizes.

As these properties tend to be owned by individuals and landlords, we often have the opportunity to work with people that have never worked with surveyors before. While the principles of surveying stay the same, our clients have different backgrounds and levels of awareness about our profession. We make sure to try and use language and terminology that layman will understand and take extra time to try and explain any questions that people have.

Our initial enquiries for the domestic measured building surveys come in many forms as the properties are all different and so are all the needs of the individuals. We are generally asked to do floor plans, elevation surveys and topographic surveys for alterations, extensions, garden plans and listed building consent.

Full surveys are then produced from this and are suitable for use by architects, landscape designers and local councils when they are being submitted for planning. The benefit of our surveys is that they are accurate plans that can be used by a large number of end users.

About domestic measured building surveys Eric Hinds, managing director had to say: “We have carried out domestic surveys for many years, ranging from a conventional semi detached house up to high end multi room properties, and enjoy the challenges some of these property surveys bring.”

Landform Surveys always strives to provide high quality surveys regardless of the environment and client so that our surveys are fit for purpose.