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A historic building survey on Jesmond Church

Before the country went on lockdown, Landform Surveys carried out a historic building survey for the Holy Name Church in Jesmond to provide insight into the condition of the structure.

The Holy Name, Jesmond parish was founded in 1901 and they began in a temporary iron church (a site now occupied by the Swimming Baths on St George’s Terrace) in 1903. The new church was opened in 1929, costing £15,238 to construct, and has provided a Catholic service to the people of Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne ever since.

We were asked to carry out a historic building survey to gather data on the church. Due to the intricacy of the structure, a high level of detail was required to be gathered from both inside and outside the church. As part of this, we carried out floor and ceiling plans along with external and internal elevation surveys which you can see below.

These were used to map out the panelling and wall detail with precise accuracy. We also carried out a full internal and external survey using a Trimble TX8 laser scanner which collects millions of data points and produces a highly accurate model of the building.

This was an interesting project for us to carry out and the client has said that they were delighted with the level of details surveyed.

It’s great to get involved with local projects and the community, Eric Hinds says of the project, “A very high level of detail was required, and the TX8 scanner is ideal for this, picking up millions of points in a relatively short time. The final plans looked great!”

If you require a survey similar to this one, don’t hesitate to get in touch.